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Play: Malgudi Daze – WeMove’s 50th Show!

India’s most loved novel now comes on stage LIVE, WeMove production’s latest play is adapted from R.K Narayan’s Malgudi days. Malgudi, semi-urban town in southern India, conjured by Narayan in early 1930 was a collection of short stories, each character that appeared in Malgudi represented epitome of Indian culture and tradition during the changing times under British raj.

After successfully creating the play T.P.K Marali baa. WeMove productions now is staging the play “Malgudi Daze” which takes us all down the memory lane, it takes the audience into a world created by the master writer himself, R.K Narayan. WeMove productions Malgudi Daze is adpated from R.K Narayan’s Malgudi days, the research team at WeMove has hand picked a few short stories from the novel, scripted them to a screenplay and have integrated them using a humorous screenplay. The main intention of this play is to bring out the real essence of the novel “Malgudi” and at the same time educate the audience with some interesting facts of the book novel and its writer R.K Naryan.

WeMove Production’s Malgudi daze is a reflection of times that always stood for ‘simplicity’ and ‘truthfulness’, the play revolves around the characters who symbolize the imagination of R.K Narayan and also in many ways the society back then

About WeMove: WeMove is a Bangalore based theatre group. They have performed 49 shows of 9 productions across 4 cities in India and are on their way to complete their 50th show on stage this February 19th 2012. In an era of modern Entertainment and technology where primitive Art forms frequently find themselves under the wraps, WeMove Theatre has managed to emerge as prime source of entertainment through theatre for people of Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai and Pune.

Formed in the year 2006 under the name ‘WeMove Productions’ which eventually got a facelift as “WeMove theatre”, the main intention of theatre group was to make ‘Art approachable to all’. With the motto of “Theatre for All”, WeMove provided an open platform for people to come and explore their hidden talents and thus find a new light to their life. The biggest strength of WeMove is its people and their passion towards Theatre, people from different genre come over to WeMove and explore creativity. Today WeMove has over 1000 people registered who actively participate in various activities of WeMove. WeMove Theatre today has expanded its arm into different art fields such as “WeMove Digital” and “WeMove Nrutya” thus making it as a formidable organization for any one to pursue art.

In Order to celebrate, WeMove Theatre’s 50th show on stage, the team is holding a special show starting at 6.30 P.M with felicitation to some of the dignitaries of theatre followed by a Performance by WeMove Nrutya and ‘i-Theatre’. The prime event of the evening will be WeMove’s most loved and well know play, ‘Malgudi daze” on Feb 19th @ 7.30 p.m. The Special show will be held at K.H Kalasoudha, Ramanjeneya Gudda, Hanumanthanagar, Bangalore. WeMove Theatre’s “Malgudi Daze” is adapted from R.K Narayan’s Malgudi days. Malgudi daze was staged in Chennai and Pune as well apart from Bangalore any Mysore in 2010.
Show Date: 19-Feb 2011
Time: 6:30 PM
Venue: KH Kalasoudha(Behind Ramanjaneya Gudda), Hanumanthanagar, Bangalore
Ticket Price: Rs. 100/-
Contact: 9980169269, 9591040847

Online ticket sales: http://www.indianstage.in/EventDetails.do?eventId=2531

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