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Music Worshop

There is a Music workshop planned for this month at Alliance Francaise de
Bangalore. The classes will consist of interesting information about music,
the theory, history and other elements behind it and a great deal of
information and training on how to nurture a good performing voice for the
stage especially for singing.

Although the classes are aimed to benefit people interested in vocal music
or performance in general (singing), it will also greatly benefit those who
are playing any other instruments like the Guitar but have little knowledge
about Music theory. It will also be an interesting learning for theater
enthusiasts especially actors to help their awareness of the performing
voice onstage!

Venue: Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
Starting: September 28, ’09
Timing: Mondays – 530pm to 630pm
Course duration: 1 hour/per week for 10 weeks.
Course content: Basic Music theory, Health for stage performers (singers and
actors), Sight singing, Ear training, Body awareness, among other elements.
Course fee: Rs. 2500/-
Contact: workshopbangalore@gmail.com

Website: http://www.dreamscopetheatre.com

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